Business Accounting

The accounts of our customers are performed exclusively by Chartered Accountants, professionals with technical expertise in accounting, tax and management consulting, duly entered in the Order of Chartered Accountants. Our accounting services include:

  • Classification and book entry of all of a company's economic and financial operations, in conformity with the International Accounting Standards (IFRS) and the Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards (NCRF);
  • Monthly production of analytical and summary trial balances, which will allow the client to control the company's performance and financial position;
  • Analysis and systematic reconciliation of all third-party current accounts (clients, suppliers, other debtors/creditors);
  • Control of all of the company's fixed tangible and intangible assets;
  • Preparation of monthly bank reconciliations;
  • Regular sending of the information the client needs to manage the business financially;
  • Regular information bulletins with economic and financial data on the company;
  • Allocation of expenditure to cost centres, as a function of the client's management needs;
  • Ongoing support for management structures in their implementation of the administrative processes key to management control;
  • Preparation of the company's balance sheet;
  • Preparation of the profit and loss statement;
  • Preparation of the cash flow statement;
  • Preparation of the statement of changes in equity;
  • Preparation of the annexe to the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement;
  • Support for management in the preparation of the management report;
  • Support for management in the preparation of the annual statement approving the accounts;
  • Physical filing of all the company's documentation, ensuring it remains organised, presentable and secure.